Muhammad ‘alaihis-salâm is Allahu ta’âlâ’s habîb (beloved);

— He is in every respect the most beautiful and the most exalted of all mankind and other creatures that have ever lived. He is the one exalted by Allahu ta’âlâ and the last and most superior prophet whom Allahu ta’âlâ sent for all humans and jins. He was sent as a mercy for the entire universe, and everything has been created for the sake of Him. His mubâraq (blessed) name is Muhammad (‘alaihis-salâm), which means ‘the one who is praised repeatedly, who is praised much.”



There are three types of life for human being: world-life, grave-life and life in the Hereafter. Body is together with soul in this world.

Soul gives life and vitality to human beings. Human being dies when the soul leaves the body. Soul does not perish while the body decomposes in the grave, becomes soil or burns away, or is eaten by predacious animal. Then the grave-life starts. There is sense but no motion in the grave-life. On the Day of Judgment, a body is created, and then the soul and that body live together eternally in Heaven or Hell.

It is necessary for a human being to be Muslim for achieving happiness in this world and the Hereafter. Achieving happiness in this world means living comfortably. Attaining bliss in the Hereafter means going to Heaven. Since Allahu Ta’âlâ pities His servants too much, He informed the way of bliss to His servants through His Messengers. Because, people cannot find the way of bliss by their mind. No prophet said anything by the use of his imagination, all of them conveyed what Allahu Ta’âlâ instructed them. The way of bliss communicated by prophets is called religion. The religion communicated by Muhammad ‘alaihis-salâm’ (peace be upon him) is called Islam. Thousands of prophets had come since Adam ‘alaihis-salâm’. Muhammad ‘alaihis-salâm’ is the last prophet. The religions communicated by other prophets had been defiled over time. Now, there is no choice other than learning Islam to attain bliss. Islam consists of information to be believed by heart (îmân - faith) and to be performed bodily (ahkâm-i Islâmiyya- tenets of Islam). The knowledge of îmân and ahkâm-i Islâmiyya can be learnt only from the books of Ahl-i Sunna scholars. It cannot be learnt from the fallacious books of ignorant and deviant people. There were many Ahl-i Sunna scholars in Islamic countries before the hijri2 year of 1000. Now, there is none left. There are plenty of books written by those scholars in Arabic and Farsi and their translations in the libraries all over the world. All books published by “Hakîkat Kitâbevi” are taken from these sources. Read the books of “Hakîkat Kitâbevi” in order to attain bliss!

If you are wise then adhere to Islam!
Islam’s essence is Hadîth and Qur’ân!

WARNING: Missionaries are striving to spread Christianity; Jews are working to propagate Talmud; “Hakîkat Kitâbevi” (Bookstore) in Istanbul is struggling to publicize Islam; and masons are trying to annihilate religions. A person with wisdom, knowledge and conscience will identify, understand and adopt the right one of them, and will help to spread it so that all humanity will gain bliss not only in the world but also in the Hereafter. There is no more beneficial and valuable service to humanity than doing so. Today, the fact that religious books Torah and Bible held by Jews and Christians had been written by people, is acknowledged by their own selves. As for Qur’an al-Karîm, it is immaculate as it was sent by Allahu Ta’âlâ. All priests and rabbis should carefully and conscientiously read and try to understand the books published by “Hakîkat Kitâbevi”. All books published by “Hakîkat Kitâbevi” are transferred to digital environment and then spread all over the world through internet.

Mîlâdî Hijrî ShamsîHijrî Kamarî



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